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ko takarangi.

Takarangi Research is an independent organisation established in 2020 to serve Māori communities through whakapapa. Takarangi responds to the growing need for kin-accountability within the academic, consulting and research space. It aims to be nimble and built on ethics of shared design and Tiriti-based equality.

Our logo is the ancient double spiral motif (takarangi), depicting the very creation of the universe. It represents dynamically balanced outward/inward flows of mauri (energy) between Te Po (darkness/turmoil/chaos) and Te Ao (light/order/knowledge). For our purposes Takarangi signifies the courage required by our researchers to cross over the kin-horizon and uncover new knowledge - activate innovation in service of whakapapa: marae communities (ancestors, living and those yet to be born) for generations to come.

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Te Potiki National Trust.

Takarangi is a subsidiary of the non-profit charitable Te Potiki National Trust. Te Potiki National Trust's main foci is to oversee the development of the website Takarangi financially supports Te Potiki National Trust in the service to marae communities.

Founder Professor Paul Tapsell is chairperson, alongside directors Dr Christine Woods, Dee Sciascia and Peter Dowling. All directors contribute their time pro bono.


An advisory group comprised of senior Māori leaders supports the Trust. This was established by the late Sir Paul Reeves, and subsequently led by Sir Mason Durie and Sir Tumu te Heuheu; Judge Caren Fox is the current chair.

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